Ta'a Marboota ( ـة - ة ) always comes in the end of names (usually feminine names) it is NEVER used with verbs. example ;

شاهدت المـعلـمـة في المدرسة.

 الموظفةُ نشيطة.


Long Ta'a (ـت - ت) comes in the end of verbs to refer to the hidden subject who does the action. example ;

قرأتُ (أنا) كتاباً مثيراً اليوم.

 نجحـتِ (هي) التلميذة في الأمتحانٍ.


Unfortunately this is commonly mistaken by many people including some even graduated Arabic speakers who write some verbs with ta'a marboota like (قرأةُ) or feminine plural with it like (الفتياة) which are terrible writing mistakes.