1. The inspiring principle of Babylon Academy as a community school is, to provide the educational environment and stimulus for its bilingual pupils, that will enable them to grow into cosmopolitan citizens conversant with multi-cultural contributions to human civilizations.
  2. It provides a safe, motivating, creative and dynamic learning environment, that strives for excellence and values achievement.
  3. The school aspires to make of the students future emissaries of peace and brotherhood and thus abridging the cultural gap between East and West.
  4. Aims towards a community integration, by providing volunteerism, advice, educational counselling, training, information services and organising cultural events.
  5. Seeks to be able to participate in promoting an understanding of language and cultural history.
  6. The School evolved out of a growing need in the community to give their children an Arabic education, that goes hand in hand with the English education provided by the state school system.
  7. Teaching students to value their ancestral heritage and to appreciate the culture and institutions of their host community.
  8. To foster individual goals, developing the skills of the learner within a happy caring and inclusive environment.
  9. To prepare students to play an active role in the hosting society and the world in a safe learning environment, in which students feel secure, where self-esteem, confidence and respect, both for self and for others, can be promoted.
  10. Regularly highlights relevant concerns and issues that touch young learners and their families, which may impede integration into the British society.
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