This Sunday is Half-Term Break. Back to School on the 24th February.

.هذا الأحد عطلة منتصف الفصل الدراسي حيث تغلق المدرسة. يعود الدوام في المدرسة يوم 24 يناير (شباط)

Babylon Academy vision statement for academic excellence ;

  • Aquire and maintain best possible education.
  • Care, confidence and self-awareness, to enable students to find their path in society
  • Believe that everyone has an infinite potential and ability for learning.
  • Sprout a sense of community by working together in a supportive environment
  • Encourage home-school partnership
  • Create citizens for tomorrow today
  • Ensure outstanding personal success and develop a passion for learning
  • Promote respect, values and recognise worth and dignity of everyone
  • Provide equal opportunities and include all in learning and teaching
  • Value all parties contribution to our student’s achievements
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