1. Babylon Academy is a platform to deliver Arabic language and Islamic studies tuition, equally to all while maintaining the right to respect those of different cultures and religions.
  2. At our school, everyone is precious and included regardless of their race, religion, gender or belief.
  3. Any discussions of topics such as religious or racial topics, are strictly forbidden inside school grounds. Our school is a place for learning not a place to criticize those who carry different beliefs.
  4. Respect must always be shown to those who do not share our own personal beliefs.
  5. Staff shall deal with both students and their parents with complete professionalism and confidentiality at all times. They will remain neutral and fully respectful of any differences, including nationality, skin color and religion.
  6. All parties have to avoid criticizing others who do not share their own personal views of worship, including the wearing of the burka or not.
  7. Extra care and apprehension shall be taken when selecting themes of Islamic educational studies. Teachers should avoid any topics which may lead to prejudice that directly or indirectly affect the feelings of others.
  8. The correct use of classical Arabic must be taught and extra care shall be taken to teach children to pronounce letters in the correct way. This is prodominantly for alphabetical letter that are pronounced differently in different parts of the Arab world.
  9. All indecent acts shall be dealt with swiftly and in a brisk way. Appropriate measures will be taken to avoid repatition of the same.
  10. Inappropriate language and violence of any form shall not be tolerated at Babylon Academy at all times.
  11. School hours are from 10am to 2pm. Parents will be expected to drop their children 10 minutes prior to the start of the day and collect them promptly at 2pm.
  12. Staff working hours will commence from 9.15am to 3.00pm.
  13. Babylon Academy organizes special school assemblies to honor student achievements and award them accordingly.
  14. The school will always aim to work side by side with parents and guardians to help create the correct conditions, in order to achieve the most ideal and beneficial education for all the school students.
  15. The school continuously organizes teacher training sessions, to ensure that the correct teaching strategies and lerning methods are employed, improving teaching quality and leading to high standards of education achievements.
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