Below is a list of all videos for the school ceremony in February 2016. Click to view any of them;

1- Piano Performance

2- Quran Reciting

3- Opening Speech : by the Head Teacher

4- Peom (My School) by Mohamed Zitouni - Level 4

5- Nasheed ( Hasbi Rabbi) by Sabah Al-Zubaidi, Suhana Khan from Level 2A and Amel Al-Ahmed from Level 4

6- Nasheed (We love Mohammed) by a group from Level 1

7- Nasheed (Rij Rij Bari) by  Sabah Al-Zubaidi from Level 2A

8- Outstanding Awards

9- Group Performance : by a group from Reception Level

10- Nasheed (Number One) : by Hamza Hamza from Level 2A, Sarah Hamza and Basma Ben Laadar from Level 4

11- Nasheed (My Prayer is My Life) : by Sabah Al-Zubaidi, Leanne Hadbai and Deema Mahmood from Level 2A and nawar hadbai from Level 3

12- Champions Awarding

13- Participants Awarding

14- The Clown Performance - Part One

15- The Clown Performance - Part Two



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