For level fourwe utilize “My Book 6 -Textbook" along with "My Book 6 - Grammar 3 book” of my book series which has been designed for primary and secondary schools.

My Book 6 - Textbook :

The Text book is A4 size of 227 pages and covers :

  • Coverage of different topics in the student’s life
  • Introducing narrative and conversation text, with progressively more complex structures
  • Reading and learning more words and formulating simple, short sentences; and reading and responding by drawing lines, circles or squares, colouring, matching and writing
  • Listening (all text on CDs); and listening and responding to exercises (CD-based)
  • Practising writing the taught words and sentences
  • Utilising the grammar

My Book 6 - Grammar 3 Book:


This book accompanies Kitabi 6 (My Book 6) the sixth book of the series and comes in A4 size of 100 pages. The aim of this book is:
  •  Learning the basic Arabic grammar topics that assist the students in learning sentences and enable them to use them correctly
  • Writing exercise that assist students in understanding the Arabic grammar, at the same time enhancing their understanding of the vocabulary used taught in the related topics in Kitabi 6


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