For level one we utilize a set of books “My Book 2-Textbook + My Book 2-Handwriting book” of my book series which has been designed for 5-7 years old.

My Book 1 - Textbook + Handwriting Book :

The Text book is A4 consists of 228 pages and covers :

  • First thirteen letters of the Arabic alphabet (i.e from T'a'a to Ya'a)
  • Recognising and reading the alphabet and some related simple words including some numbers and colours
  • Reading and responding by drawing lines, circles, squares or colouring etc
  • Listening and responding by repetition, identifying or using physical gestures
  • Practising writing the alphabet

The handwriting book is A4 consists of 72 pages and covers :

  • Practising writing the first thiorteen letters of the Arabic alphabet ( i.e from Alif to Sheen)
  • Practsing writing the taught words in My Book 1 textbook.







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