This course is a continuous one for the Intermediate course and is convenient for those who are familiar with Arabic alphabets (reading, writing, and pronounciation) and have built up some basics of Arabic grammar. No diagnosis assessment is necessary for the candidates. This course lasts for 8 weeks based on one session of 3 hours a week on Sundays 10.30am - 1.30pm at Brentside High School, Greenford Avenue, Hanwell, LONDON W7 1JJ. The date to be set later depending on the enrolled learners.

The curriculum book for this course is the same for the Intermediate one course and consists of two units;

Unit One introduces words and expressions that are commonly used in classical colloquial Arabic in order to draw those two closer together. Basics of Arabic language grammar are the core of this level including pronouns, past and present tenses, singular, Dual and plural. By the end of this unit, students should be able to start speaking, understanding and comprehending reasonably and constructively.

Unit two focuses on developing listening by listening to texts and dialogues on CDs or tapes to make learners become more familiar with Arabic language. There is a wide range of exercises after each text and dialogue for the students to apply what they have learned. The dialogues are taken from a real daily life and have been translated so that the vocabulary can be memorised and used. The learners are encouraged to practice the dialogues with other students and the teacher in the class. The texts have been professionally selected to vary between scientific and literary writings to get students to discover the logic behind the language and it's make up.
Grammar is the main core of this level as learners are introduced to different part of speech and their correct order in sentences. The cost is £130 plus £20 for books and CDs or tapes.

If you are interested in joining this course, please fill in the Enrollment Form by clicking HERE and email the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to put you on the waiting list for your selected course and to be contacted later when we have a specific number of learner enrolled for it. Alternatively, you can contact us to arrange for a visit to our school at the address above on Sundays from 10am - 2pm.

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