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Easy to starts

Easy to Enrol

Babylon Academy provides unique mechanism of enrolment to make it easy and simple.

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Students Support

Students Support & Homework

Babylon Academy provides a wide range of documents and important links to support our students.

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Staff Support

Supportive documents continuously updated to help school develop teaching skills.

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We enrolled both our children at Babylon Academy from reception age having first reviewed all the Arabic schools in our local area. Babylon was the only school that satisfied and continues to satisfy, all our criteria in terms of quality teaching, curriculum, course materials and value for money.
In addition to this they make weekend school fun for the children. Each year the school, run by an inspiring Head and supported by a team of dedicated teachers, introduce changes with a view to improving their existing services and we think the school has gone from strength to strength.
Like with all schools, parents and students must be prepared to dedicate time to revising lessons during the week to maximise learning success.


"One of the best Arabic weekend schools in London. Teachers are native experts in their field and provide a warm family atmosphere for the students. The teaching is rigorous with a clear well planned curriculum and homework is appropriate and published every week on the school's website in addition to being glued in the student's homework book. Islamic studies are focused on faith and good manners and use approved published books with authentic texts and suitable for all schools of thought. Islamic studies are still optional if you want to opt out and focus on the language only. Management are highly educated, professional, friendly, responsive and approachable face to face or via phone/email and welcomes feedback from parents. There is a sense of community and family atmosphere in the school.
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Dr Radia ChibaniDr Radia Chibani / Parent

Babylon Academy has been a friendly and welcoming environment for our children since reception, five years ago. The school provides excellent balance between academic, confidence building and enjoyment activities for the children without losing focus on discipline.
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rawnaq alsumaydiRawnaq Al-Sumaydi

We confidently approve that Babylon Academy is the best Arabic and Islamic school in London in terms of discipline, teaching and supportive environment. The school has been recommended to many families who have concluded the same. 

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Huda Al-Bazzaz

My kids enjoy time at Babylon Academy and very much like receiving awards in the ceremonies every term. The teachers are very supportive and the headmaster encourages parents to voice their concerns. Some more support could be given to children who come from non Arabic speaking familes.
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Ahmed Z.

Among all local Arabic schools, Babylon Academy was the only one that satisfied all our criteria in terms of quality teaching, curriculum and value for money. The school run by an inspiring Head and supportive team of dedicated teachers and we think the school has gone every year from strength to strength.
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Kate D.

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